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  • 1.17.1
  • 1.17.0
  • 1.16.2
  • 1.16.1
  • 1.16.0
  • 1.15.2

Hayo Zookeepers!

Update 1.17.1 is now available for download. Simply update your game before you play! This update contains bug fixes, updates and some new content.

Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack 

Scenery Pieces - updated set with:

  • Rustic Wood Fence 2m
  • Rustic Wood Fence 4m
  • Rustic Wood Fence Post 03

General Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Hill Radnor Sheep now line up better while performing their mating interaction
  • Hill Radnor Sheep now line up better while interacting with the Herb Scent Marker
  • Hill Radnor Sheep female now stays a consistent size while interacting with juveniles
  • Hill Radnor Sheep now correctly play an interaction between adults and juveniles
  • Various animation fixes on the Hill Radnor sheep family
  • Alpine Goats now display injuries properly
  • Male Sussex Chickens now display injuries properly
  • Adjusted the American Standard Donkey models to include a cross on their back


  • Domesticated animals purchased with CC will no longer show the option to release to wild
  • Animal Trading UI should now load correctly in Franchise mode


  • Fixed pluralisation of the hire janitors objective in other languages


  • Fixed an issue where vendors would get stuck trying to take a souvenir shop post


  • Fixed an issue where guests played the wrong interaction animation with the Reindeer


  • Rustic Water Tank scenery item now has the correct price
  • Added the Tamworth Pig tag to the Mudbath enrichment
  • The Sprinkler enrichment now correctly unlocks when researching the American Standard Donkey
  • The Grazing Ball Feeder enrichment now correctly unlocks when researching the American Standard Donkey
  • The Small Bubble Machine enrichment now correctly unlocks when researching the Sussex Chicken
  • Added the Highland Cattle and Hill Radnor Sheep tag to the Grazing Ball enrichment
  • Rustic Wind Pump icon is now the correct orientation
  • Chicken Hat icon now displays the correct colours
  • The new Coop Shelter blueprints now correctly appear in the shelter submenu for habitat blueprints


  • "An Oceanic Challenge" Scenario (Oceania Pack) zoo location is now correctly listed as Temperate - Oceania.
  • Fixed a behavior issue with the Bonobo escaping in the second scenario


  • Fixed sorting by status on conservation management tab
  • Release to the wild tooltip on habitats are now extra descriptive


  • Fixed an issue with domestic animals being the target of release to wild challenges


  • Fixed various crashes, improving game stability
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