Update 1.15.2 and Planet Zoo 4th Anniversary!
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Update 1.15.2 and Planet Zoo 4th Anniversary!

Hayo Zookeepers,

Wippi Abbonibo or Happy Anniversary! This weekend we're celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Planet Zoo,  so of course we've got some exciting new things for you to enjoy in Planet Zoo.

Free update 1.15.2 will be featuring some brand new Anniversary content that is available right now, just update your game! Are you ready to see what other exciting things we've got planned for you? Without further ado, lets get into what's going on for this years Planet Zoo Anniversary celebration!  

Let's start off with a bang by introducing our brand new friend - meet the Collared Peccary!  

Planet Zoo Collared Peccary

The Collared Peccary evolved from pig-like ancestors in Europe and now have a significant presence in North America. In game, the Collared Peccary will be able to forage using the forage box and also be able to roll about in mud! We can't wait to see what kind of habitats you build for them in your Zoos. They are also very social creatures living in herds of 5-15, so make sure to add a bunch of them into your habitats!

Of course, what better way to celebrate an occasion with none other than balloons! We've added a variety of four animal balloons which will be part of this free update. Designs will include the Orangutan, Black & White Ruffed Lemur, the Red Deer and the Collared Peccary. Just like the other balloons in game, guests will be able to hold them and will be a permanent addition to the game, which we're sure your guests will love!

Planet Zoo Balloons

This time last year for our 3rd Anniversary we celebrated the launch of the official Planet Zoo Merch Store, so it only seemed right to make sure everyone celebrates in style again this year with a merch store sale. This sale will run for a limited time just for the Anniversary weekend so make sure to get your Planet Zoo swag now up to 25% off!

Planet Zoo 4th Anniversary Sale

Of course we've got another limited-time celebration happening in-game this weekend with a 24 hour Community Challenge from 3rd-6th November! In this special event, you'll receive a boosted animal that has an 80%+ in any gene, in return for every 5 animals you release (with a 1 in 50 chance of having Piebald or Albino colouring!) You will also gain a complete Avatar outfit for every 20 animals released - so both you and your animals will look, oh so stylish!

Make sure to stay tuned on all our social channels as we'll also be hosting some giveaways over there too! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and now officially on TikTok!

Planet Zoo 4th Anniversary

As always we can't end this post without thanking YOU, our amazing community that have been here and supported Planet Zoo for the past four years. Planet Zoo wouldn't be the same without each and everyone one of you, so thank you!

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