Update Notes

  • 1.2.1
  • 1.17.1
  • 1.17.0
  • 1.1.4
  • 1.1.3
  • 1.1.2

Hayo Zookeepers!

This update contains new content, bug fixes & updates.

New Paid Content - Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack

  • NEW - Animals
    • Habitat Animals
      • King Penguin
      • Giant Otter
      • Grey Seal
      • Cuvier's dwarf caiman
    • Exhibit Animal
      • Diamondback terrapin
  • NEW - Scenery
    • 170 new scenery pieces
  • NEW - Timed Scenario
    • The new Red Barn River Zoo timed scenario is available in the Aquatic pack. Help a small, family run zoo in Oregon, USA, expand from a tiny creak to a majestic river in time for the next tourist season.
  • NEW - Avatar
    • New otter avatar costume (Will only play for Aquatic DLC owners).

New Paid Content - Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack

  • NEW - Animals
    • Habitat Animals
      • Common Wombat
      • Racoon
      • Red Fox
      • Striped Skunk
    • Exhibit Animal
      • Egyptian Fruit Bat
  • NEW - Scenery
    • 200 New Scenery Pieces
  • NEW - Career Scenario
    • It's time for a new project set deep within the forests of Transylvania. A familiar foe has left one of their zoos in a bit of a state and it's up to you and Nancy to turn it around. You can do this, Zookeepers!
    • Challenge, and Sandbox versions of the map are available.
    • Terrain only sandbox and challenge variants of the map are also available.
  • NEW - Avatar Costume
    • New Egyptian Fruit Bat avatar costume

General Base Game Fixes and Updates

New Content - Free Update 1.2.0

  • NEW - Modular Souvenir Shop
    • A new way to build souvenir shops is coming to Planet Zoo: build shops of any shape and size by placing a Modular Souvenir Shop and extending it with Expansion Tiles.
    • To offer items, place souvenir displays anywhere on the shop or its expansion tiles, and select which item to sell on each display's info panel.
    • Place at least one Counter anywhere on the shop or its expansion tiles to provide a point for Vendors to serve guests within the shop. You can add as many counters as needed to ensure guests won't have to wait too long in the shop.
    • The larger the shop, the more guests can fit into the shop, but also its upkeep costs will increase - be sure to keep an eye on the guest volume in your park to meet demands!
    • Guests will be able to freely navigate the shop, browse displays and finally finish their purchase at a counter staffed with a vendor. 
  • NEW - Matching Colour Multi-Select
    • An additional multi-select mode is now available to select all scenery pieces within a group that have the same colours and palette.
    • The game will create a multi-selection of pieces that match the colours and palette of the selected piece.
      • Palette refers to the different colours available for pieces of different sets, i.e. upon selecting a "Plaster" piece, the multi-selection will include all other "Plaster" pieces of the same colour, but no pieces of other sets despite having the same colour value.
  • NEW - Over 80 New Souvenir Shop Scenery Pieces
  • NEW - Blueprints
    • Classic Souvenir Shop
    • Planet Zoo Souvenir Shop
  • NEW - Foliage
    • Hosta Large
    • Hosta Medium
    • Hosta Small
    • Hosta Variegated Large
    • Hosta Variegated Medium
    • Hosta Variegated Small


  • Fixed an error when buying a Exhibit Animal and switching tabs quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where boxing all Animals in a Habitat would make the Habitat show as empty.
  • Fixed an issue where family members could not be selected through the Animal Menu.
  • Fixed Caiman playing the mud bath animation when interacting with blood scent marker.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting all Animals in a Habitat would not consistently select all releasable Animals.
  • Fixed an issue where Genetics could not be navigated correctly after scrolling to the bottom and selecting another Animal.
  • Fixed an issue where Animals would become unclickable looking at Parents, Siblings and Children section of an Animals Info box after a lot of breeding.
  • Fixed an error when having a large number of animals in one Habitat with the possibility of predation.
  • Fixed multiple errors when loading into Zoos with a large amount of Bears.
  • Fixed an issue where Juvenile Animals could only be given Contraceptives via the Animal list.
  • Fixed an issue with the Flamingos necks during eating Animation.
  • Fixed an issue where Escaped animals would become stuck if Vets could not navigate close enough to them.
  • Fixed an issue where Animals traversable area would reduce as they have offspring.


  • Fixed an issue when player would not be taken to the next building step after placing an entrance to a Transport Ride.
  • QOL improvements to the Transport Ride Track editing.
  • Fixed an issue where Move Snap would not persist when duplicating groups of objects.
  • Fixed an issue where creating high barriers would cause the barrier to disappear.
  • Fixed an error when building a track for a Suspended Gondola through a habitat.
  • Fixed Flexicolour not working for empty Exhibits or Toilets.
  • Fixed an issue where transport rides could not be tested unless the track was a complete loop.
  • Improved Barrier snapping.
  • Fixed an issue where placing entrance/exit's for Transport Rides would stop the back button working.
  • Fixed an error when tabbing through the Test and Speed menus when building Transport Rides.
  • Fixed an error when auto completing a Gondola Transport Ride.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when placing large amounts of duplicated multiselected objects.
  • Fixed an issue where camera could get stuck to the ground when editing Barriers.
  • Fixed an error when snapping Barriers.
  • Fixed an issue where Barrier posts would remain on screen when opening Multi-Select.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to change the bank/length of a Transport Ride would remove control of the Transport Ride context menu incorrectly.
  • Added Path, Terrain, and Barrier edit options to the default Radial Menu.
  • Fixed an error when changing the Terrain Snap tool Subtract/Add setting.
  • Fixed an issue where Multiselect remove from selection option would not function correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Angle and Move Snap sliders would not function correctly when an object is selected via an animal's Enrichment Panel.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to Heaters/Coolers would not show immediately in the object info panel.
  • Fixed an issue where Grid and Blueprint icons would appear and disappear when navigating Objects Browsers.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting 'Show Appropriate Plants' option would not overwrite any current filters.
  • Fixed an issue where Barrier Gates could be selected without its panel using Ring Select.


  • Fixed an issue where moving certain Facilities using the radial menu would retain Info Panel focus.


  • Fixed an issue where Myers Animal Entertainment scenario's cleanliness objective would not update was water bodies were cleaned.
  • Fixed an error when selecting the Hippo info panel Kuala Bintu Taman map.
  • Fixed an issue where Mandrills were able to walk through one of the habitat barriers on Myer's Animal Entertainment Park Scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where Players could edit Terrain on Scenarios they were meant to not be able to.
  • Fixed an issue where Toxic Waste Barrels could be moved incorrectly.
  • Fixed an error when opening the Enclosures menu during Scenario 1.
  • Fixed an issue where filters would incorrectly carry over from one Scenario to another.
  • Fixed incorrect menu loading when selecting Career for the first time.
  • Fixed an error when leaving Challenge mode.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to release Agung the orangutan to the wild from within the animal info panel.
  • Fixed an issue where Food grade dropdown would be blank on Scenario saves opened as Challenges.


  • Fixed an error that caused boxed animals to fall indefinitely if terrain under them was removed, in diorama sandbox.


  • Fixed Collared Peccary not being listed on Franchise Animal Market.
  • Fixed missing trade history for sold or released Animals.
  • Fixed an issue where the Franchise Management sold animals or total animals would not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an error when deleting corrupted Franchise Zoos where the pop up would not dismiss correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where previous Franchise name would appear briefly when creating a new Franchise.


  • Fixed an issue where player could get stuck on the pause menu when attempting to access the Workshop following a server disconnection.
  • Fixed an error when deleting a Workshop item that had been subscribed to.


  • Fixed an error that would occur when moving a staff member or guest out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where Mechanics could get stuck in one place.
  • Fixed an error when Mechanic begins research.
  • Fixed an issue where some Mechanics animations were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where Staff and Guest recent thoughts could become non chronological.
  • Improved navigating through Guest thoughts.
  • Fixed an issue where Guest Spawner could be moved out of bounds.
  • Fixed an issue where ejected guests would always gain the "caught pickpocketing" Security Opinion.
  • Fixed non functional "Location" option when viewing a Guests thoughts regarding removed Habitats.
  • Fixed Staff Work Zone toggle options not being fully selectable when viewing Exhibits.
  • Fixed Animal traversable heat map displaying incorrectly occasionally.
  • Fixed a broken Staff Alert when placing multiple Animals in one Habitat.
  • Fixed inconsistent naming when ejecting Guests via the Radial Menu.


  • Fixed an issue where adding a Species tag would incorrectly indicate Blueprint tags were not required.


  • Fixed an issue where players could not pause when using Multi-Select tool.
  • Pressing "o" on a Keyboard now adjusts the sim speed instead of opening the objectives.
  • Fixed "New Zoo" button not working with a keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where Esc key would not close the Objectives menu.
  • Fixed pressing Esc when placing Staff would open the Pause Menu incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Transport menu would close incorrectly when navigating tabs.
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior across Terrain Tool tabs when accessed via the Radial Menu.
  • Fixed an issue where closing Animal Trading UI would unpause the game.
  • Fixed down on the d-pad not working when opening the Terrain Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where the Radial menu could be opened while focus remained on the Release to Wild menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Inspector Report notification would always take focus.
  • Improved navigation in Save menu making it clearer which save is selected and about to be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to open the Notifications menu and the Browser at the same time.

Cinematic Route Editor

  • Fixed an issue where creating more then 10 keyframes in Cinematic Route Editor caused a number of keyframes to reset and prevented scrolling through them all.
  • The "Loop Rout" option is now greyed out when editing a Cinematic Route.
  • Fixed an issue where Cinematic Route names would not update until the menu was reopened.


  • Fixed an issue where icons were appearing blank on players old blueprints.
  • Fixed an issue where Zoo Alerts could not be opened with a controller.
  • Fixed an issue where an Animals orange highlighted stats would switch to green when traded via the Animal Market.
  • Fixed incorrect UI when viewing the Habitat UI of a Habitat that had no Animals in it.
  • Added a quick input to select Main Action button in bulk Animal actions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Entrance Time edit UI was incorrectly greyed out.
  • Fixed an issue where Undo/Redo/Play/Pause/Fast Forward icons would remain highlighted incorrectly if used simultaneously with Atmospheric Conditions or Camera Effects options.
  • Fixed incorrect info on pop up when closing a Franchise Zoo with animals in habitats or the Trade Center.
  • Fixed an issue when selecting Resume and Workshop in quick succession on the Main Menu.
  • Fixed Cancel icon not appearing on Researchers until after they had been focused.
  • Fixed incorrect UI for Auto Tunnel option when building Monorail or Suspended Gondola.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple filters would be selected when selecting biome or continent from the animal plant info panel.
  • Fixed an issue where Players name would display incorrectly on the main menu if offline.
  • Fixed Gamma settings overlaying the controller disconnected notification.
  • Fixed lag when switching between certain tabs with lots of entries.
  • Fixed "Move Animal" button displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where focus would remain on time controls incorrectly when moving previously placed buildings.
  • Fixed Population Limit UI displaying as if it can not be selected.
  • Fixed an issue where Animal Talk Points timetables dropdown was cut off.
  • Added missing Notifications for Transport Rides.
  • Fixed a cutoff button prompt when selecting "Mate" on the Genealogy screen.
  • Fixed inconsistent naming with Move/Surface Move in Radial Menu.
  • Added missing image in the Water Temperature Regulator Help screen.
  • Fixed Done button in Loan menu being Greyed out if Player had negative cash.
  • Fixed Contraception toggle not being clear on Animal Info Panel.
  • Fixed Quarantine Complete icon being the incorrect colour in the Quarantine Info Panel.
  • Fixed non functional navigation prompts present on certain feature highlights screens.
  • Fixed "Select Water" button on Radial menu not functioning correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where changing tabs with Remove or Select Water active in the Terrain Editor can cause a disabled UI element to be selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would not update correctly after selecting "Clear Selection" in the Multiselect tool.
  • Added hover states to Camera Effects and Atmospheric Conditions buttons when using Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Fixed text limit inconsistencies when naming and saving Zoos.
  • Fixed Genealogy fields appearing unpopulated if the multi-select menu was opened.
  • Fixed an issue where wage increases were displayed incorrectly.


  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck loading the Zoopedia when accessing via the Animal Research Screen.
  • Fixed an issue where searching immediately after opening the Zoopedia would prevent the player from selecting their search option.
  • Fixed an issue where Zoopedia entries would not display when accessed via the Animal Market Overview menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Zoopedia would not display details when opened from an Animals Info Panel.
  • Fixed an error when navigating tabs in the Zoopedia.


  • Fixed incorrect and missing audio evens being called in various areas.
  • Fixed Replay Dialogue button not working correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where pausing during VO would cause the VO to desync.


  • Added some missing Localisations.
  • Fixed some overlapping text in multiple languages.
  • Fixed some incorrect line breaks in multiple languages.
  • Fixed some incorrect grammar in multiple languages.


  • Fixed multiple Player reported crashes.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when loading into a map with a huge amount of construction pieces.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when completing an Monorail Track.
  • Added a limit to the amount of Staff that can be hired to prevent a Crash.
  • Fixed the logo on the main menu being cutoff in Japanese.


  • Fixed Baby Boom Achievement/Trophy not updating correctly when Animals were born in Franchise Zoos.
  • Fixed Rebuilding Achievement/Trophy not tracking correctly in Franchise Zoos.
  • Fixed Barrier Builder Achievement/Trophy not tracking correctly in Franchise Zoos.


  • Fixed an issue where Animal Panel plant setting would not override Nature plant settings.
  • Fixed some incorrect text formatting on the Screen Setup.
  • Fixed Distance Unit setting not updating correctly when changed.


  • Fixed an issue where the Avatar Editor could be shown on the Main Menu instead of the Globe if Career was loaded via a PS5 Activity.
  • Fixed an error caused by applying a Setting with a controller while adjusting it with a mouse.
  • Updated the Credits.
  • Fixed an issue where the PS5 Activity Play Career Mode would load incorrectly if launched when the initial fanfare is still open.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when launching any game mode.
  • Fixed being able to place Avatar HQ in Antarctica.
  • Fixed an error when trying to resume a corrupted save.
  • Fixed an error when switching camera modes.
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