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Hayo Zookeepers!

Update 1.11.2 is now available for download. Simply update your game before you play! This update includes various bug fixes, and you can read more below:

New Content - 1.11.2 / Anniversary Celebration

  • NEW - Animals  
    • To celebrate our 3rd Year Anniversary a new Red Deer habitat animal is now available in game!
      • The Red Deer is available for free for all owners of the Planet Zoo base game
  • NEW - Animal Foil Balloons
    • 4 x new animal style balloons are available in the Loony Blooons shop for all owners of the Planet Zoo base game.
      • Chimpanzee
      • Giraffe
      • Red Panda
      • Tiger
  • NEW - All of the trailer music to date (including Twilight) is now available to select on the speakers
  • NEW - "Wippi Abbonibo" Foil Balloons Returning for 72 hours
    • On the day of the anniversary and over the weekend, Loony Blooons will have the option to sell the returning Wippi Abbonibo foil balloons to your guests, to celebrate the Planet Zoo Anniversary in style!

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Animals
    • Fixed the Common Wombat giving birth animation not playing when inside the burrow
    • Fixed an issue where swimming animals would float in the air when trying to pounce on enrichments
    • Adjusted juvenile Common Wombat eating animation so the animal is further away, and no longer pops up and down in the trough feeders
    • Fixed the rate at which cleanliness in Egyptian Fruit Bat exhibits deteriorates
    • Fixed an issue where the Melon food enrichment was listed as both toy and food enrichment in the Common Wombat's zoopedia
    • Fixed an issue where juvenile Amur Leopards would not correctly attack bins during escapes
    • Addressed several issues with escaped animals not properly interacting with bins
    • Puff Adder continents have been updated and now include Asia
    • Fixed an issue where deep swimming animals would get stuck underwater
  • Facilities
    • Fixed guests sometimes walking off-path to get to Walkthrough Exhibits
    • Fixed an issue preventing players from placing exhibits diagonally
  • Game Modes
    • Fixed the opening times and ticket prices on sandbox and challenge zoos to have the default values
    • Raised Habitat barriers to stop Spotted Hyena escaping at Myers Lake Island Zoo
    • Raised Habitat barriers to stop Zebra escaping at Great Caldera Safari Park
    • Fixed escaped Red Fox not being able to return to habitat in Castle Myers Career Scenario
    • Deleted foliage found in Castle Myers 'Terrain Only' map
    • Fixed floating foliage and lights found in Castle Myers Career Scenario
  • Guests
    • Fixed an issue where Habitat objects were sometimes marked as "Inaccessible" when loading saves
    • Fixed an issue where animals could escape their Habitat by climbing onto objects located outside
  • Scenery
    • Tweaked physics of Saltwort, Elephant Grass, Common Reeds, Guelder Rose Bush, Rhubarb plant and Hawthorn bush foliage so that animals will not be able to walk or jump on top of them
    • Swapped Planco and Scientific names on Twilight animal education boards to be consistent with existing boards
    • Removed paid DLC requirement for the Walkthrough Exhibit PVC Strip Curtain scenery object
    • Added Asia highlight to Puff Adder education board
    • Fixed asset clipping issues on Twilight Walkthrough Exhibit Blueprint
    • Added Europe and Asia continental suitability to Drinn Grass and Drinn Grass Dry foliage assets, and lowered their coverage amount to 1m²
    • Fixed the underside of the California Redwood so that it's no longer transparent
    • Fixed extreme wind interaction with the branches of the California Redwood
    • Fixed incorrect material properties of the Masonwork Wall Panels
    • Fixed popping effect on the Virginia Creeper 02
    • Fixed popping effect on the Silky Oak Tree
  • Staff
    • Fixed an issue where dung build-up would be ignored by keepers
    • Fixed an issue where dung would be removed from a habitat when reloading a zoo
  • UI
    • Added educators to the staff grid on the main zoo management tab
    • Added a new icon to exhibit enrichment research unlocks in the Vet Research's per species research overview
    • Fix 'parse error' in zoo inspector info pop-up during Castle Myers Career Scenario
    • Fix special characters showing up incorrectly in the vendor shop assignment info pop-up 
  • Localization
    • Adjusted staff strings for the overview UI in all languages
    • Fixed some typos in Scenario 15 and Scenario 7
    • Adjusted the translation of male and female in Korean
  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when an animal being predated was removed from the zoo
    • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when trying to open an exhibit Info Panel
    • Fixed an issue where the game would soft-lock when opening the genealogy menu
    • Fixed an issue where deleting the Habitat gate would cause the game to crash
  • Performance
    • Reduce RAM usage in zoos

Known issues

  • In Scenario 15 saves made during 1.11.0, adding a new animal to a habitat will trigger the inspector spawn cycle back in place

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