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Update Notes

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Planet Zoo 1.14.1 Update Notes

Hayo Zookeepers!

Update 1.14.1 is now available for download. Simply update your game before you play! This update includes various bug fixes, and you can read more below:

Free Update 1.14.0

New content

These great features were not captured in our last set of patch notes, here's some more info on them now;

  • NEW - New Colourmorphs and Colour Variations for the Bactrian Camel
    • Piebald
    • Leucistic
    • Brown colour morph
  • NEW - Widget speed controller
    • Added an advanced widget speed multiplier control. Which can affect the rate of your movement and rotation widgets for precision or speed

Planet Zoo 1.14.1 Update

General Bug Fixes and Adjustments

  • Animals
    • Adjusted the Black Rhinoceros' head position
    • Adjusted the Black Rhinoceros walking animations
    • Fixed a bug where the incorrect icons for quarantined animals were being displayed
    • Fixed Planco and scientific names being inverted on the TV screen display for the Common Wombat
    • Melon Feeder will now appear under Food Enrichments in the Somali Wild Ass' Zoopedia page
    • Fixed a bug where Timber Wolves could walk through barriers
    • Added Sand Cat tag to all the smaller climbing frames
    • Adjusted the animation of the Sand Cat adults and juvenile entering the burrow
    • Adjusted the animation of the Fennec Fox juvenile exiting the burrow
    • Adjusted the animation of the Sand Cat adults while drinking from a lake
    • Adjusted Dromedary Camel idle animation
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Somali Wild Ass from using the Water Jet Rock
    • Added audio to Dama Gazelle while using Scarecrow Feeder enrichment
    • Fixed a bug where the Black Rhinoceros Female was getting stuck on the spot
  • Habitats
    • Fixed a bug that caused animals to be marked as escaped while they are inside a habitat.
  • Scenery
    • Fixed a bug where scenery items looked low quality close to the camera
  • Stability
    • Fixed various crashes improving game stability

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