Update Notes
Update Notes

Update Notes

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  • 1.12.4 (Jan/31/2023)
  • 1.12.3 (Jan/17/2023)
  • 1.12.2 (Dec/15/2022)
  • 1.12.1 (Dec/13/2022)
  • 1.11.2 (Nov/03/2022)
  • 1.11.1 (Oct/25/2022)

Planet Zoo 1.12.3 Update Notes

Hayo Zookeepers!

Update 1.12.3 is now available for download. Simply update your game before you play! This update includes various bug fixes, and you can read more below:

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Animals
    • Fixed "moving multiple selected animals" in the exhibit info panel not always moving the selected animals
    • Fixed Raccoons passing through scenery to interact with enrichment toys
    • Fixed an issue where animals interacting with burrows were teleported across the park
    • Removed the possibility for animals in burrows to stand idle for long periods of time
    • Fixed the navigable area heatmap not updating when the selected animal had to be reset to the habitat gate
    • Fixed an issue where animals could not enter or exit a burrow correctly
    • Fixed an issue where animals were temporarily considered escaped from their habitats, particularly when climbing
    • Increased the size of skeletal remains left by juvenile Emus that decomposed in a habitat
    • Added interspecies enrichment bonuses between Emus, Red Kangaroos and Red-Necked Wallabies
    • Fixed Raccoon's whiskers and fur disappearing if viewing from specific distance
    • Fixed Formosan Black Bear Juvenile eyes floating if viewing from specific distance
    • Fixed Nine-Banded Armadillo teleporting when exiting burrow
    • Made Scarecrow Feeder more accessible for Blue Wildebeest
    • Fixed some sharp edges on the Maned Wolf sleeping animation
    • Fixed leg flickering on the Emu walking animation
    • Fixed overextended front upper legs on the Blue Wildebeest Female walking animation
    • Adjusted animation when the Striped Hyena shakes
    • Adjusted animation when the Nine-Banded Armadillo turns
    • Updated Striped Hyena animal icons for both Male and Female
    • Updated Striped Hyena Zoopedia images
  • Facilities
    • Fixed Tour guest wellbeing being rated much lower than expected
    • Fixed "Educational item placed too far from target species" alert on Tour Points not assigned to an Animal Talk
    • Fixed some habitat objects being incorrectly considered scenery objects when using the bulldozer tool
    • Fixed an issue where ride stations sometimes do not get fully deleted when using the bulldozer tool
  • Franchise
    • Fixed the Automated Exhibit Population Management rules showing the "Release to wild" option in franchise mode
  • Game Modes
    • Height map zoos created in the following places now use their matching flat skirts:
      • Africa Savannah
      • Antarctica Tundra
      • Asia Tropical
      • Europe Tundra
      • North America Savannah
      • North America Temperate
      • Oceania Tropical
    • Path added to Temperate Europe Sculpted map entrance
    • Loans are now available in Sandbox mode
  • Guests
    • Enabled moving tour guests onto staff paths during their tour
    • Added feedback for inaccessible Tour Points in tours
  • Habitats
    • Fixed habitat shelter heatmap not displaying correctly
    • Fixed incorrect animal accessibility message on climbing frames
    • Fixed habitat object accessibility considering irrelevant animals' accessibility
    • Improved habitat object accessibility algorithm
    • Fixed an issue where terrain around a burrow interior could be edited
    • Removed possibility to place burrows in lakes
  • Localization
    • Added localized string informing players when Tour Points are inaccessible
    • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Red Barn River timed scenario description
  • Scenario
    • Foliage removed from beneath terrain in Pumamarca Educational Reserve
  • Scenery
    • Fixed some glass construction assets to allow guests to see animals through them
    • Added Temperate biome to Emu's infoboard
    • Adjusted specular response of the Buffalo Dry Grass
    • Adjusted colour variants on the Buffalo Dry Grass, Blue Stem Dry Grass and Red Oat Dry Grass.
  • Staff
    • Fixed tour guide gliding away from the Tour Point at the end of a tour
  • UI
    • The UI flow for creating and naming tours has been simplified
  • Crashes
    • Fixed a crash when placing a quarantine building
    • Fixed a crash when placing a staff building
    • Fixed a crash when placing a habitat gate
    • Fixed a rare crash when getting a welfare notification for Butterflies
    • Fixed a rare crash when Butterflies attempted to land on guests
    • Fixed a crash when species did not have a listed food grade in their habitat

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