Wetlands Animal Pack and Update 1.9 Out Now!
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Wetlands Animal Pack and Update 1.9 Out Now!

Hayo Zookeepers,

Spring is here, and with it is the Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack! The new Pack alongside Update 1.9 are officially out now, update your game to enjoy the free content.

The Wetlands Animal Pack introduces 7 new habitat animals and 1 new exhibit animal. Show your guests the wonders of water with the loveable Capybara, the unusual Platypus, the excitable Asian Small-Clawed Otter, the scaly Spectacled Caiman, the steadfast Wild Water Buffalo, the loyal Red-Crowned Crane, and the nimble Nile Lechwe. Don't forget to also expand your exhibit areas with the Danube Crested Newt, the smallest of its species!

Your animals are also sure to love these new water-themed enrichment items! Let them soak themselves under the new Hot Water Tap, have some fun in the sun with the new Natural Water Jet, or dive down deep with the new Small Underwater Feeder and Underwater Buoy items. Not only that, but your Capybaras can really indulge with the new bathing behaviour to relieve stress!

Lastly, join us on a trip to the Pantanal in Brazil in an all-new Timed Scenario, where you're challenged to build a forever home for rescue animals who are unfit to return to the wild. This scenario features a high welfare requirement with limited space restrictions due to the tricky wetlands environment, but we're sure you're up to the task!

The Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack is available now on Steam for £7.99 ($9.99, 9.99€). You must have the base Planet Zoo game to be able to play this content. Update 1.9 is out now to install and is free for all players.

Wetlands Animal Pack - Launch Screenshot 02

Update 1.9 is free and available to all players who own the base Planet Zoo game now, simply update your game to play! To find out more, check out our 1.9 Update announcement post.

You can also care for your Capybaras using NVIDIA's GeForceNOW service, which gives you instant access to GeForce PC performance on nearly any PC, Mac, SHIELD TV, Android, iOS device or Chromebook without any downloads! This will let anyone experience the richness of the Wetlands and Planet Zoo no matter the device they're on!

To celebrate this launch, you can tune in for a special charity stream where we'll be joined by some very special animal friends. You'll be able to find us on Twitch starting at 11am BST (right now!) and help us raise money for the Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity!

1.9.0 Update Notes are now available.

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