Update 1.7.2 and Planet Zoo 2nd Anniversary!
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Update 1.7.2 and Planet Zoo 2nd Anniversary!

Hayo Zookeepers,

Wippi Abbonibo, or Happy Anniversary in English! It's the 2nd anniversary of Planet Zoo tomorrow, and we have some exciting stuff for you all to celebrate!

Update 1.7.2 is out now for Planet Zoo (check out the Patch Notes below for full information on what it contains) but alongside it, we've included our new Anniversary gifts to y'all! These won't all be available just yet and will be rolling out over the Anniversary period, but you'll be able to update your game in a couple of hours and get your hands on your first presents! This update will also include all of the 1.7.2 changes.

But what exactly can you expect? Let's find out!

First off, let's introduce our furry new friend! As many of you guessed from our World Lemur Day post last week, you'll now have a new animal to enjoy in your zoos - the Black and White Ruffed Lemur!

PZ Anniversary - Lemur (Ground)

When the update becomes available later today, you'll be able to place Bernie's Bakes Shops in your zoos for all your tasty, baked-good needs! We're very excited to bring you a new and unique shop in Planet Zoo, so be sure to give Bernie's Bakes a warm welcome!

PZ Anniversary - Bernies Bakes

From the 5th-7th, there will be a special Community Challenge running in-game to release animals - but with added bonuses for doing so! For every 5 animals released, you'll get a boosted animal in return that has an 80%+ in any gene, and a 1/50 chance of being a colour morph. On top of this, every 20 animals released will award an avatar outfit! (Please note: this caps at ~600 animals per user, which is when you will have unlocked all released costumes etc)

But what about your guests? For the duration of the Anniversary weekend, your zoo guests will have their very own balloons to celebrate! Wippi Abbonibo to all!

PZ Anniversary - Balloons

 Thank you for your continued support and appreciation for our game, and for the unending love and creativity that you bring into this space.

Remember to update your game later today for Update 1.7.2, so you're ready for the Anniversary festivities!

Tune in tomorrow on our Twitch or Youtube for a special Anniversary Livestream with some of the developers who have worked to make Planet Zoo the game we all know and love. See you there!

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