Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack arriving 18 Oct
PC DLC Update

Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack arriving 18 Oct

Hayo Zookeepers,

We told you the sun had set on summer, and what does the sunset lead to? That's right, Twilight! Introducing the Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack which will be making its way to you on 18 October alongside Free Update 1.11!

What goes bump in the night? It's five new crepuscular species for your Zoo's to enjoy!

Give a warm welcome to everyone's favourite bandit, the mischievous Raccoon. Gasp at the cuteness of one of the most beloved Australian marsupials, the Common Wombat. Sneak through the Twilight with the ever-clever Red Fox, but be careful of the Striped Skunk! And last, but certainly not least, take flight with the Egyptian Fruit Bat as we bring you an all-new exclusive feature, Walkthrough Exhibits.

Planet Zoo - Twilight Pack - Bat

Walkthrough Exhibits are a new special feature coming in the Twilight Pack, featuring an exhibit with a bigger footprint (20m L x 12m W x 8m H) that will allow you to house the new Egyptian Fruit Bats. While these will be exclusive to the Egyptian Fruit Bat in the Twilight Pack, the exhibit itself will be available to all players as part of Free Update 1.11 to allow all builders to have fun with the exhibit itself if they so wish.

Builders will also be able to enjoy 200+ new scenery items, some of which really make the most of the spooky season!

Set the ambience with a whole new set of gothic inspired building pieces including a range of Romanian architecture, a portcullis, and even zoo-thematic gargoyles! If you really want to capture the spirit of Hallowe'en and create an area your guests are sure to never forget, you'll love our new  jack-o'-lanterns, glowing mushrooms, spider webs, and even a cauldron!

Nature isn't being forgotten though. As well as the carved pumpkins, we're also adding a range of thrilling plants! Hide in the shade of the twisted Bristlecone Pine, or decorate a pumpkin patch with new plants including Ghost Fungus, Foxglove, and piles of scattered fall leaves.

Planet Zoo - Twilight Pack - Screenshot

We have one more special surprise still in store... introducing a brand new Career Scenario!

Give Them Pumpkin to Talk About as we head to a Transylvania-based zoo that's been left abandoned by our old "friend", Dominic Myers. Joined by Nancy, you'll arrive and learn you have a new famous Bear to look after! Having been kept by an in-world celebrity and not looked after properly, this Himalayan Bear has made quite a name for itself in the news, and now guests are flocking to come and see it themselves. Work together to give the Bear the best life possible, and to create a spooktacular experience your guests are sure to love!

This will be the first Career Scenario since the Arctic Pack, so we're sure you're just as excited as us to get your hands on it! This Scenario will feature a new letter system to pass you all the information you need to complete the task at hand - and it'll even feature some cute selfies from Nancy!

The Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack will be available for purchase for £7.99 ($9.99, 9.99€) on Steam from 18 October. If you want to be notified when the game is available, then head on over to Steam and wishlist it now! Please remember that you'll only be able to enjoy the Planet Zoo: Twilight Pack if you already own the base game of Planet Zoo.

Join us on social media as we enjoy some Planet ZoOoOoOo spooktacular fun in the run-up to the Twilight Pack, and really get into the spirit of the season! You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

We hope you enjoyed this announcement, and we look forward to seeing you over on our social channels! Let us know what your favourite bit was below. Stay spooky, Zookeepers!

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