Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer is available now!

Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer is available now!

Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer, our calming collection of 12 ethereal chillhop tracks inspired by the wonder of Planet Zoo, is available now.

With summer almost over, we’re reflecting back on warmer days. As we look ahead to autumn, and to what’s next for Planet Zoo, let yourself reflect and de-stress to this lo-fi remix of in-game music. Glittering with the fading spell of the season, idyllic soundscapes combine with texture-rich warmth to capture Planet Zoo’s tranquil charm.

Watch the continuous, 80-minute megamix on YouTube, Twitch or right here;

See the full tracklist below:

  1. Two Flamingos – Sunshine Breeze Remix by Liam Wright 4:26
  2. Seagrass Meadows – Sunset Glisten Remix by Annina Melissa 7:06
  3. Taiga – Luminous Remix by Roland Berdo 4:31
  4. Jeux Doe – September Rain Remix by Jim Croft 10:54
  5. Northern Lights – Dusk Haze Remix by Rob Maloney 5:39
  6. Ganges Delta – Bengal Dawn Remix by Roland Berdo 5:28
  7. Siberian Tundra – Summer Nostalgia Remix by Annina Melissa 5:32
  8. Mongolian Steppe – Lo-Fi Dreams Remix by Yin Lee 5:55
  9. Elephant Memories – Forgotten Remix by Jim Croft 10:24
  10. The Arctic Cordillera – Polar Glow Remix by Roland Berdo 6:28
  11. Hero Giraffe – Cloudless Chords Remix by Liam Wright 4:42
  12. Falling Leaves – Autumn Twilight Remix by J.J. Ipsen 6:02

Enjoy studying, sleeping, or settling back to our soothing assortment.

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