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Planet Zoo is OUT NOW

Today, on 5 November 2019, Planet Zoo is live!

Planet Zoo is all about running a successful zoo, in whichever way you prefer to play.

In Career Mode, you are joining a cast of colourful characters on a journey around the world facing different challenges depending on where your zoo is located. We've taken great care to bring you a fun, engaging, and original story filled with adventure and progressively harder objectives.

We've also got Franchise Mode, which is aimed at those who are keen to work together and trade animals with a global network of other players, and run multiple zoos. If you prefer to take on your own challenges, we've got Challenge Mode for you.

And finally, of course we have Sandbox Mode for all those who want to build and create without any limitations. Let your imagination truly run wild!

Animal welfare is at the heart of Planet Zoo. You are tasked with creating the perfect habitats, monitoring your animal's individual needs, and ensuring you have enough Zookeepers, Veterinarians, and other Staff to take care of all of your zoo's inhabitants. We've created the Zoopedia, an in-game hub which hosts all the information on every animal species in your zoo. You can find their preferred surroundings, foliage and temperature, their conservation status, and even which other species they could co-exist with!

A successful zoo is not just about happy and healthy animals - you also want to take care of your guests so that they give your zoo a high rating! Place Shops and other guest facilities to make sure they have spaces to eat and rest, have enough benches and bins, and hide away your Staff facility buildings from sight. Guests will want to see the animals too, so find the balance between a good view and an animal's privacy - and don't forget to place Education signs so guests can learn about the animals, as well as Donation Boxes which contribute to your cash flow and animal conservation!

And if you're simply into building the most amazing structures and habitats, we've got the Steam Workshop all set up for you. There's lots of building and scenery pieces for you to use, so anything from custom entrances to climbing structures can be shared with the entire community. We've even made it possible to add terrain to Habitat blueprints, so you can create the perfect habitat and upload it straight to the Workshop. We cannot wait to see what you're going to create!

Of course there's so much more to Planet Zoo, and we're really excited you can now finally play the full game and explore everything yourself.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, your passion and enthusiasm about the game. Now go and create the zoo of your dreams!

The Planet Zoo team.

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