Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack Releasing 30 April
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Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack Releasing 30 April

Hayo Zookeepers,

Experience the rustic charm of the countryside in Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack! Arriving April 30th on PC alongside our Free Update 1.17 and coming in a future update to Planet Zoo: Console Edition. Bring rural beauty to your zoos and let your guests get closer than ever to these beloved animals that have lived alongside humans for hundreds of years. Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack will feature 7 highly requested animals alongside over 60 new scenery pieces as well as a brand new Scenario!

First up we have the Sussex chicken with its curious nature, beautiful plumage and energetic demeanour, from the Scottish highlands we have the stunning Highland cattle with its heavy rich coat, gentle personality and affectionate nature. Straight from the mountain range we have the playful, friendly and adaptable Alpine goat which is renowned for their agility and sure-footedness as well as the South American Alpaca with its distinctive slender neck, elegant posture and gentle, intelligent nature. This pack also introduces the brave and intelligent American standard donkey, the hardy Hill Radnor sheep from the glorious rolling hills of Wales, and the playful Tamworth pig. These friendly animals may even interact with guests if they are in the mood for attention!

Planet Zoo Barnyard Animal Pack - Sussex chickens walking on path

What better way to experience these animals than by adding a charming and rural feel to your zoos using straw bales as benches for your guests, or by placing re-purposed cable reel tables for those looking to stop for lunch. This pack also includes several picturesque fences and gates, alongside classic cast-iron water pumps, wells, wind pumps, weathervanes, and foliage which will be sure to make any habitat feel more homely.

Planet Zoo Barnyard Animal Pack - Guests enjoying animals

When you are ready, returning character Tiffany Summers needs your help as she embarks on a brand new journey to breathe life into a once-neglected farm. Team up with Tiffany to create a thriving animal sanctuary. Take run-down barns and overgrown pastures and make them into not just a safe and comforting environment for the animals, but also into a home for them to thrive and flourish amidst the New Zealand countryside.

Planet Zoo Barnyard Animal Pack - New scenario

Alongside The Barnyard Animal pack we are also excited to bring the Free Update 1.17 to all of our PC players. A number of habitats can now be converted into animal encounters, allowing guests to get closer than ever to your animals. Alongside this we will also be adding a number of free scenery pieces including the all-important hand washing station, an education board, a small guest gate and the Buddleia Bush.

Planet Zoo - Updated 1.17 scenery

We'll have more to share on our regular monthly live stream: Frontier Unlocked! coming this Wednesday 24th April at 6pm BST on both our Twitch and YouTube Frontier Channels!

Frontier Unlocked - Wednesday 24th April, 18:00 BST

The Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack will be available to purchase for £7.99 ($9.99, 9.99€) on Steam from 30th April. If you want to be notified when the DLC is available, then head on over to Steam and wishlist it now! Please remember that you'll only be able to enjoy the Planet Zoo: Barnyard Animal Pack if you already own the base game of Planet Zoo for PC.

Follow along on our social media channels to learn more about the Planet Zoo: Barnyard Pack.  You can find us on X, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

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