Planet Zoo - Africa Pack

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack out now!

Hey there, Zookeepers! We’re excited to announce the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack is OUT NOW. From today, you can bring home new content inspired by the rich and diverse continent of Africa, expanding your zoo with five amazing new species, over 180 amazing scenery pieces, and one new timed scenario set in a picturesque oasis bazaar.

With this DLC, you can now adopt and care for the Meerkat, Southern White Rhino, African Penguin, Fennec Fox, and Sacred Scarab Beetle, and educate guests about these incredible animals. Enjoy watching them in your zoo! You will see Meerkats, for instance, actually digging holes in the grounds of their habitats (an all-new behaviour!) before disappearing inside and popping up in different locations. Fennec foxes, meanwhile, love chasing each other, playing together and chomping their new tennis ball enrichment item. The striking White Rhinos will relax in the sun but also have fun with the fresh water from the sprinkler. African Penguins will show their fun side by playing with the new curio ball and you will be able to see the Sacred Scarab Beetle roll around its signature dung in the exhibit.

In addition to your new zoo inductees are 180+ eye-catching scenery pieces. Add a range of new bright and colourful decorations, install striking animal statues and spectacular mosaics, and keep visitors shaded with new types of foliage, including the majestic doum palms as well as the unique Dragon Blood and Quiver trees. With the Planet Zoo: Africa Pack, you can customise, construct, and fully unleash your creativity.

The third major component of the pack is a fresh challenge for you to master: the new timed scenario taking place in an idyllic oasis bazaar. Well, ‘idyllic’ if you’re not counting the failing zoo you’ve just been put in charge of! Your aim is to reboot the power, add sustainable energy options such as solar and wind, and transform the place from a hidden desert gem to a must-see tourist attraction. Are you up to the task?

The Planet Zoo: Africa Pack is now available to buy on Steam and the Frontier Store.

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