Let's Build in Planet Zoo with PawsBuild
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Let's Build in Planet Zoo with PawsBuild

Hayo Zookeepers!

Welcome back to the third and final part of our Let's Build series, celebrating the launch of Planet Zoo: Console Edition with custom habitats from some of our content creator friends.

Missed parts one and two? Catch up and check out SimplySavannah and aniix's creations.

This week we're delighted to feature some habitats created by PawsBuild!

PawsBuild focusses on let’s plays of video games in the park management/simulation genre and loves creating themed zoos in Planet Zoo and learning about the animals while caring for them!

We asked PawsBuild to create some habitats for the western lowland gorilla, plains zebra and snow leopard in Planet Zoo: Console Edition. We also asked a few questions about the console habitat building experience and any beginner tips he has for new zookeepers.

Western Lowland Gorilla Habitat - Rainforest Biome

To get started, PawsBuild created this gorgeous lowland gorilla habitat, complete with a custom shelter area and lush rainforest decoration.

Where did the inspiration for your habitats come from, did you use any real-life zoo/habitats?

The inspiration for my habitats usually comes from the restrictions I place on myself such as 'I can only use this theme of construction pieces for this habitat' because there are so many great assets in the game that the possibilities feel endless!

What was the most important thing for you when designing your habitats?

The most important thing to me when designing habitats is to ensure the habitat is as ethical and well-suited to the animal's needs as I possibly can. I love that the game gives you so many tools to make this happen!

How did you find the console experience when building your habitats?

I enjoyed some of the UI changes from PC and felt it was a refreshing version of a game I already love so much!

Plains Zebra Habitat - Savannah Biome

Next, PawsBuild headed to the savanna to construct this plains zebra habitat - watch out for some handy time saving tips on how to decorate habitat walls!

Out of all the habitats and zoos you have ever built, which is your favourite?

My favourite zoo I have ever built is my 'Eco Zoo' in Planet Zoo Franchise mode as I loved making habitats for endangered animals that were not only built around the needs of those animals but were also conscious of the wider environment. I enjoyed the freedom that Planet Zoo gave me to follow this environmentally-friendly conservationist mindset when making my own zoo.

Do you have any tips/tricks for those starting their zookeeping journey with Planet Zoo: Console Edition?

My best tip for a new zookeeper in Planet Zoo: Console Edition is to pick a theme for your zoo that excites you as this will spark imagination for the decisions you make in your zoo and will result in something that is unique and that you are proud of!

What do you think your fellow zookeepers will be most excited for in Planet Zoo: Console Edition?

I think my fellow zookeepers will be very excited to see their favourite animals playing in the unique habitats they've created for them in Planet Zoo: Console Edition.

Snow Leopard Habitat - Tundra Biome

Finally, PawsBuild created a snow leopard habitat, including its very own fort-style enrichment and bedding area!

Which of the habitats out of the 3 you were given was your favourite to build?

The Plains Zebra habitat was my favourite to build because I really enjoyed making the custom barriers with the African Construction Pieces.

What would you say is your favourite Planet Zoo DLC, and your favourite animal in the game?

My favourite Planet Zoo DLC is definitely the Conservation Pack as I love having the ability to create an environmentally-friendly zoo that is focussed on conservation! My favourite animal in Planet Zoo would probably be the Reticulated Giraffe as they're such a unique animal and they're so beautiful in the game!

What's the best thing about being part of the Planet Zoo community?

The Planet Zoo community is the most friendly and creative group of people I've met and my favourite thing about it is meeting so many people that share a love for animals!

A big thank you to PawsBuild for these wonderful habitats! Head on over to PawsBuild's YouTube channel here, for even more Planet Zoo inspiration.

We'd like to once again thank our contributors, SimplySavannah, aniix and PawsBuild for answering our questions and building some truly impressive Planet Zoo: Console Edition habitats!

Have you joined in the fun and built a creative habitat of your own? If so, we'd love it if you shared them with the community on Facebook, X or Instagram.


Planet Zoo: Console Edition is available to buy now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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