Introducing Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer!

Introducing Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer!

Frontier is proud to introduce Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer, our calming collection of 12 ethereal chillhop tracks inspired by the wonder of Planet Zoo.

With summer almost over, we’re reflecting back on warmer days. As we look ahead to autumn, and to what’s next for Planet Zoo, let yourself reflect and de-stress to this lo-fi remix of in-game music. Glittering with the fading spell of the season, idyllic soundscapes combine with texture-rich warmth to capture Planet Zoo’s tranquil charm.

We’ll be premiering Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer on Twitch and YouTube on 28 September at 6PM BST. This is a continuous, 80-minute megamix. Don’t fret about missing the livestream though, we'll have the full mix available on demand on YouTube to enjoy to your hearts content!

We can't wait for you to experience Planet Zoo: Sounds of Summer!

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