Grasslands Animal Pack and Free Update 1.12 Out Now
PC DLC Update

Grasslands Animal Pack and Free Update 1.12 Out Now

Hayo Zookeepers!

It's time to venture into the tall grass to see what wild animals we can find there, with the Planet Zoo: Grasslands Animal Pack and free update 1.12, both out now! Grab the pack on Steam now, and don't forget to update your game to be able to enjoy the new free content!

Let's meet the lovely animals you can add to your zoos with this new DLC pack: Nine-Banded Armadillo, with its extraordinary armour; the Maned Wolf with its impressively long legs; the curious Emu, with its recognisable grey plumage; the agile and illusive Caracal; the remarkable Red-necked Wallaby; the scavenging Striped Hyena; and the striking Blue Wildebeest. In addition to these Habitat animals, colourful flying butterflies can now be added to your Walkthrough Exhibits: Blue Morpho, Cloudless Sulphur, European peacock, Old World Swallowtail, and Monarch butterflies. Your guests will truly be amazed when going through a walkthrough Exhibit filled with butterflies!

The storyline that was started in the Twilight Pack continues in the Grasslands Animal pack with a brand new campaign scenario. You'll be helping a sanctuary in the Argentinian grasslands care for their animals, whilst helping a certain someone come to love animals. You'll have to contend with the needs of many different species as you work your Zookeeper magic to make the place into a shining beacon of animal conservation. We know you're up to the task!

This new Career Scenario follows after the Career Scenario from the Twilight Pack, and we are incredibly excited to continue this narrative! Don't worry though, you won't have to have played the previous Career Scenario to follow the story, and you can jump in completely fresh if you want to.

The Planet Zoo: Grasslands Animal Pack is available now on Steam for £7.99 ($9.99, €9.99). Don't forget that you need the base game in order to play the new content!

Planet Zoo: Grasslands Animal Pack - Butterflies

Update 1.12 is also out now, and is free for all players to install. Let's talk about what you can expect from this new game update.

The free update comes with several exciting new features, including Guided Zoo Tours, a new Diorama Mode, and a new Bulldozer Delete tool. You can read more about the free update in the announcement post, or check the full Update Notes, but we'll share the highlights here too.

Your guests will get the VIP treatment with the new Guided Zoo Tours, a brand new way to offer guests more in-depth information about the animals in your zoos. Members of staff will guide your guests through the zoo, educating them on life at the zoo and the animals who live there. The tours are completely customisable, letting you plot your guests' journey through your zoo – from the Habitats and Exhibits, to the shops and food stalls – using special Tour Points.

The VIP treatment also means more opportunities to earn additional income for your zoo! Guests will have to pay a tour ticket price, and will also be spending money to take care of their needs during the tour. Their desire to spend money relates to how much they've been enjoying your tour, so make sure its a memorable one!

Planet Zoo: Grasslands Pack - Armadillo

Want to make a cool diorama style zoo, but don't know how? With the new Diorama Mode, we've done the basic setup for you, making you free to build the perfect diorama any way you'd like. Choose your region and biome, and then you're off to the races on a pre-generated block of land. This mode was inspired by the amazing Rudi Rennkamel, who kicked off a popular trend of making Sandbox dioramas in Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo: Grasslands Animal Pack - Wildebeest

Last, but not least, we wanted to highlight the new Bulldozer Delete Tool, which makes it easier than ever to remove large swaths of your zoo at once. This new tool will not only let you remove multiple items at once, it will also let you select what you want to remove. Do you need to get rid of all the paths, bins, benches, and decorations in an area, but want to keep other building pieces, shops, and enclosure fences? Just select the right options from the menu, move the bulldozer over what you want to destroy, and it will take care of the rest.

Check the full set of Update Notes for more information on the bug fixes and changes coming with Update 1.12!

We are incredibly excited to see how you integrate these new animals, and gameplay features, into your zoos. Don't forget to join us for a launch livestream later today, on Twitch or YouTube, at 16:00 GMT.

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