Conservation Pack and Update 1.10 Out Now!
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Conservation Pack and Update 1.10 Out Now!

Hayo Zookeepers!

Learn more than ever before in Planet Zoo with the new Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack and free Update 1.10, both officially out now! Grab the pack now on Steam, and update your game to enjoy the free content.

The Conservation Pack brings 4 new habitat animals and 1 new exhibit animal from around the world to your zoos, all with a conservation status of Endangered or below. Embrace the majesty of Przewalski's Horse, spot the Amur Leopard as it enjoys its solitude, swing to your heart's content with the Siamang, and bask in the sun with the Scimitar-Horned Oryx. Your guests can also embrace adorableness with the new exhibit animal, the Axolotl!

Create the eco-positive zoo of your dreams with over 150 new scenery items! Enjoy a range of new foliage items including assorted meadow flowers, such as Buttercups and Oxeye Daisies, as well as Sunflowers, Tomato Plants, and Fig Trees - your zoo will have never looked more green! That's not the only way it can be green, as there's also a whole bunch of new eco-friendly scenery items such as a 3D Printed Concrete wall set. Capture the hard work that goes into conservation around your zoos with new backstage prop items, such as a rake, hose, and wheelbarrow! Please note that these items are decorative scenery only.

Lastly, join us over at Turtle Rock Wildlife Orphanage in our new Timed Scenario! Inspired by the Gorkhi Terelj National Park in Mongolia, you'll be tasked with rescuing, rehabilitating, documenting, and releasing as many species as possible. Not only that, but you'll also have to keep it green by only using renewable energy sources, and ensure that your Zoo has a high education rating throughout! It's quite the task, but we know you're up to it!

The Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack is available now on Steam for £7.99 ($9.99, 9.99€).

You must have the base Planet Zoo game to be able to play this content. Update 1.10 is out now to install and is free for all players.

Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack

Update 1.10 is free and available to all players who own the base Planet Zoo game! Simply update your game now to play.

You'll find lots of new exciting features in this update such as new Education Stations, new guest behaviours and even new animal behaviours! For full information on what you can find, check out the 1.10 announcement post, or continue reading for a summary!

Love learning? Your guests do too, and now they can learn at your Zoo's like never before with new Education Stations! These Stations are a set of new items that child guests can engage with, allowing them to gain a small happiness and education boost. Your adult guests get a new behaviour too, with the addition of Group Photos! Guests will now line up and pose as small groups, while another guest takes a photo, allowing them to capture the happy memories they've made in your Zoo, and to make your Zoo feel more alive than ever before.

Animals also gain new things to do with the addition of Sniffing and Chorus Behaviours! A range of animals throughout both the base game and Planet Zoo Packs will now be able to perform sniff interactions around their habitats, exploring and engaging with them in more realistic ways. Furthermore, the Arctic and Timber Wolves, alongside the new Siamang from the Conservation Pack, can now partake in a Chorus Call - a vocal "singing" behaviour performed in groups. They'll even continue it while wading or climbing!

The Siamang can also display an exciting new behaviour with the addition of a modular Climbing Frame. This item will allow the Siamang to perform its famous brachiation activity; which means they will be swinging freely around the frame. All other animals that are capable of climbing on thin frames will also be able to use this as a new standard climbing enrichment.

There's a range of other additions too including new Small Habitat Gates, and the completed roster of Shop Counters and Small Signs. For full information on all included, check out the 1.10 announcement and the Update Notes.

Let all of these new additions shine with NVIDIA's GeForceNOW service, which gives you instant access to GeForce PC performance on nearly any PC, Mac, SHIELD TV, Android, iOS device or Chromebook without any downloads! This will let anyone experience the new Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack as well as Update 1.10, no matter what device they're on!

As always, a huge thank you to our incredible PlanZo fam for your love and enthusiasm as we've prepared for this release! We've had a wonderful time learning all about the importance of conservation, and we hope you have too. Keep an eye on our social channels for future news and announcements, as well as more conservation facts and more brilliant community builds - we can't wait to see what you make! If you create something you'd like us to consider sharing, please make sure it's uploaded to the Steam Workshop with the best photos possible and, if you share them on social media, be sure to tag us so we can take a look!

Join us today for a special launch stream at 1:30pm BST.

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