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Hayo Zookeepers!

This update contains bug fixes & updates.


  • Fixed an issue that would limit input when switching Animal Market pages while scrolling down.
  • Fixed an error when deleting a gate and selecting an animal inside a habitat.
  • Fixed a disconnection when releasing multiple animals into the wild in one go.
  • Fixed an issue where animals would stay selected once moved to the Trade Centre via the Quarantine window.
  • Fixed an issue with animal highlighting when selecting an already selected Animal.
  • Fixed an issue where animal textures could disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where animals could not be individually selected when in quarantine.
  • Added missing temperature requirements to animal info panels.
  • Added missing temperature range to Habitat animal entries in the Zoopedia.


  • Fixed an inability to undo/redo with a controller while building in group edit mode.
  • Fixed 1-Way Glass Barrier Windows being accessible without research.
  • Fixed an issue where unresearched Facilities could be placed if they were in a saved blueprint.
  • Fixed an issue where if the distance unit was set to Feet (ft) changing a path width to maximum would lock the path width.
  • Removed an invalid material being used on Volcanic Rock Path.


  • Fixed a Crash when selecting a Genetics filter in Franchise mode.
  • Fixed an Error when naming a Franchise Zoo caused by pressing multiple buttons simultaneously.


  • Fixed an issue where players were able to change time/weather in some non-sandbox scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue with pausing caused by opening the Workshop while in a Scenario.


  • Prevent multiple instances of the workshop from being opened.


  • Fixed a crash when attempting to place or adjust Move Snap on a blueprint the player is no longer subscribed to.

Community Challenges

  • Fixed a crash when trying to receive community challenge data.
  • Fixed an issue where community challenge rewards could only be claimed one at a time.


  • Fixed slider controls not working in Diorama settings when using a mouse.


  • Fixed an issue where opening the radial menu while in Zoo Management menus and using a mouse and keyboard could break the UI.
  • Fixed multiple instances of UI in the animal info panel being incorrectly disabled.
  • Fixed the pause menu incorrectly saying "you are online" when the player was not connected.
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly selecting unowned DLC items would lock controller input.
  • The cursor is now hidden in certain menus when using a controller.
  • Fixed some incorrect text within the tutorial.
  • Fixed issues navigating the Advanced Move menu UI.
  • Fixed an issue where adjusting the weather or accessing the Capture Mode camera whilst in Advanced Move mode would temporarily lock the game into Advanced Move mode.
  • Fixed the "Previously Used Keeper Huts" field not updating when viewing Exhibits.
  • Fixed an issue where opening time controls while exiting staff placement would cause the player to get stuck.


  • Added some missing Audio.


  • Fixed a couple of instances of overflowing text in Japanese.
  • Fixed multiple incorrect line breaks in Japanese and Simplified Chinese.


  • Fixed multiple user-reported Crashes.
  • Fixed a crash caused by resuming a level while opening the workshop.
  • Fixed a crash when entering Avatar Editor.
  • Fixed a crash when using the Colour Picker.
  • Fixed a crash when placing a Barrier at max height.
  • Fixed FPS drops when switching between Habitat, Nature, Facilities and Construction tabs,


  • Fixed The 'Loaner' Achievement/Trophy unlocking incorrectly.


  • Fixed incorrect text on the controller disconnected pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue where players could skip making an Avatar.
  • Fixed an issue where the Avatar Editor could be opened incorrectly.
  • Added Zoopedia visual improvements.
  • Fixed some cases of inaccurate values showing in the Complexity Meter when loading into a level.
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