Tropical Pack and Free Update 1.13 Out Now!
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Tropical Pack and Free Update 1.13 Out Now!

Hayo Zookeepers!

Spring has sprung so let's get ready for the sun reappearing with the Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack, out now! Grab the pack on Steam and update your game now to enjoy free Update 1.13.

Time to welcome 5 new animal friends into your Zoo: the agile Lar Gibbon, elusive Fossa, gentle Asian Water Monitor, vibrant Red River Hog, and new Walkthrough Exhibit animal, the sleepy Brown-throated Sloth!

Alongside these new creatures, you'll be able to enjoy a range of new building materials! Spruce up your habitats with new foliage including the Rafflesia and Pitcher's Plant, add a bit of Southeast Asian flare to your Zoo with new intricately carved benches and tables, vibrant parasols and drapery, amidst other decor inspired by the architecture and traditions native to the area, or even create a whole new serene area with our new Tongonkan-inspired buildings!

You can also put your managerial skills to the test once again with a new Career Scenario set in a tropical forest. Tiffany has gotten herself into yet another pickle, and this time Dominic Myers has gotten involved too - oh no! Do you have what it takes to steer her on the right path?

Check all of this out and more in the new Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack. For further info check out our announcement post and the full update notes!

Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack - Fossa

Free Update 1.13 also brings several exciting features, including new Animal Sociality! This feature aims to bring a more life-like experience to the introduction of new animals in your habitats, and the coexisting bonds between your already established groups. This new managerial function can be found under the Social tab of your animals. For more comprehensive info on Animal Sociality and how it works, be sure to check out this post.

Alongside this you can enjoy a range of new building tools, making customising your zoos better than ever. Create custom paths - or have no visible path at all! - with new Null Paths, move items with even more freedom with the new Multi-Axis Advanced Movement Tool, and customise your barriers and climbing frame enrichments with the new Climbability Toggle, allowing you to pick and choose which items can be scaled!

Enjoy these beautiful new species and unleash your building creativity with NVIDIA's GeForceNOW service, which gives you instant access to GeForce PC performance on nearly any PC, Mac, SHIELD TV, Android, iOS device or Chromebook without any downloads! Make sure you can enjoy the Planet Zoo: Tropical Pack as well as Update 1.13, no matter what device you're on!

Check out the full update notes for more information and all you need to know about various bug fixes, improvements, and changes in Update 1.13!

Chester Zoo

But before you read on - make sure to join us later today for an extra special launch livestream where we'll be fundraising for our friends at Chester Zoo! They do incredible work with animals and conservation, including in the Madagascar rainforest which our new Fossa friends call home. We'll be there for 4+ hours for a range of fun including special guests, forfeits, giveaways, and more - so be sure to check it out! We'll be live from 2pm BST on both Twitch and Youtube, and if you'd like to donate you can do so here. See you there PlanZo fam!

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