All Achievements & Trophies
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All Achievements & Trophies

Hayo Console Zookeepers!

We're looking forward to welcoming so many of you into the Planet Zoo family very, very soon!

For those glory hounds out there, we've put together this full list of all the achievements and trophies available to earn in Planet Zoo: Console Edition.

Achievement/Trophy NameDescriptionGamerscoreTrophy
Chief CuratorUnlock all TrophiesNot available on XboxPlatinum
Gold CareerComplete all original Career levels to a Gold standard90Gold
Shiny Gold AwardComplete all original Career levels to a Gold standard on Hard difficulty90Gold
ZoologistCompletely research every animal in the original release in a single non-Sandbox zoo75Gold
Planet ZooOpen a Zoo on every continent75Gold
Silver CareerComplete all original Career levels to a Silver standard60Silver
Shiny Silver AwardComplete all original Career levels to a Silver standard on Hard difficulty60Silver
Global ZooOpen 25 Franchise zoos50Silver
Bronze CareerComplete all original Career levels to a Bronze standard30Bronze
Shiny Bronze AwardComplete all original Career levels to a Bronze standard on Hard difficulty30Bronze
DiversityOpen a Zoo in every biome25Silver
NerdAchieve an Education Rating of 5 Stars25Silver
Circle of LifeHave a Juvenile Lion be born in a zoo containing at least 10 species25Silver
The Elephant(s) in the RoomHave two different breeds of Elephant born in your zoo25Bronze
Natural SelectionHave an animal in your zoo with a genetic makeup of over 90% in all categories25Silver
RebuildingRelease 20 critically endangered animals into the wild25Silver
Baby BoomHave 73 baby animals born in your zoos20Bronze
GhostHave an albino animal in your zoo20Bronze
LoanerRepay $50,000 in loans20Bronze
RedecoratingEnable all Enrichment Items in an Exhibit20Bronze
An Elephant Never ForgetsAdopt the retiring Indian Elephants in Scenario 720Bronze
Gold AwardGain a Gold award in a Career zoo15Bronze
CommunityTake part in a Community Challenge15Bronze
This One’s a KeeperHave at least 3 Keepers, each with a different Work Zone (Sandbox, Franchise, or Challenge mode only)15Bronze
Oh My!Have a Lion, a Tiger and a Bear in your zoo at any one time15Bronze
Animal ResearchComplete the research on one animal in Franchise mode15Bronze
Wow that's a lotBuild a habitat with 30 animals in that all have over 75% Welfare15Bronze
Silver AwardGain a Silver award in a Career zoo10Bronze
Franchise ZooOpen your first Franchise zoo10Bronze
Barrier BuilderBuild 10km of barrier10Bronze
Life Finds a WayHave your first baby animal born in your zoo10Bronze
Say GoodbyeRelease your first animal into the wild10Bronze
TrainerFully train a member of staff10Bronze
EnrichedPlace 25 different Enrichment Items10Bronze
A Superstar Comes AlongAttain a 5 star status animal10Bronze
Welcome to Planet ZooCreate your Avatar and place them on the globe5Bronze
Bronze AwardGain a Bronze award in a Career zoo5Bronze
Tour GuideBuild 1km of ride tracks5Bronze
Welcome to the FamilyAdopt your first animal5Bronze

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