Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack Releasing 13 December
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Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack Releasing 13 December

Hayo Zookeepers,

It's time to explore vast landscapes, overlook high mountains and traverse through dense forests - and of course, meet the creatures who live there! Introducing the Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack which will be travelling its way to you on 13 December alongside Free Update 1.16.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the vast Eurasian environment and welcome eight captivating creatures that have adapted to the ever-changing seasons in the midst of Eurasia.

Wander through the lush meadow and come face-to-face with the powerful Wisent, you may even get a peek of the remarkable Wild Boar or the graceful Mute Swan preening their feathers. Journey further into the breathtaking region to catch a glimpse of the distinctive Sloth Bear, or further north to spot the fearless Wolverine rolling in the snow. Travel through Central Asia to see the unique Saiga grazing on some shrubs, or through the mountainous regions to catch a sight of the formidable Takin. Last but not least, observe the small yet impressive Hermann's Tortoise, our Exhibit animal for this pack.

Celebrate the resilience of the Eurasian wilderness with these 8 incredible species that have overcome harsh climates within the diversity of the region.

Planet Zoo - Eurasia Animal Pack - wisent

It's time to get stuck in and meet again with Bernie Goodwin for a super special, secret project in another Planet Zoo Career Scenario! In this project, Bernie Goodwin needs your help to expertly design and build a zoo entirely in secret. Why in secret though? Well, the one and only Nancy Jones is retiring, and Bernie wants to celebrate all her hard work over the years. Can you help Bernie make this zoo into the most perfect retirement present for Nancy? We can't wait to see how you navigate this one!

Planet Zoo - Eurasia Animal Pack - aerial view

Alongside everything in the Eurasia Animal Pack, we've also got some extra additions for you to enjoy in Free Update 1.16

Modular Souvenir Shops

Create, display and dress to impress with Modular Souvenir Shops! We've added fully functional shops that you can jazz up piece-by-piece with displays, shelves and even a checkout counter and till.

To create your perfect Souvenir Shop, all you have to do is prepare an area for your shop, place the Modular Souvenir Shop, found in the guest facilities tab, then add expansion tiles to extend the shop to your desired size. Once the foundation is laid, it's time for the fun part, start adding whatever displays you want to your shop floor! There are multiple to choose from, ranging from shelf displays, hanging displays, poster displays and even corner shelves. You'll also be delighted to know that these displays are flexicolour, giving you even more customisation options. Make sure to choose what item you want to have up for sale on your displays using the drop down menu, so you can attract lots of guests into your shop. Why not spruce up the place even further by building or displaying your own custom props on the shelves and even around the facility interior!

As we mentioned these shops will not only look amazing in your zoos but are fully functioning, meaning guests will be able to visibly enter, navigate and exit the shop and you'll even see them interacting with displays and checkouts you've personally set up. We are so incredibly excited to see all the unique ways you create these custom Souvenir Shops in your zoos! Definitely share them with us when you give it a go.

Planet Zoo - Souvenir shop

In addition to this new feature, we've got a new Multiselect by Flexicolour option that will make creative building even more effortless. Flexicolour Multiselect Mode will allow you to automatically add similar objects to a multi-selection, which can then be used to recolour the whole selection, all in one go. Therefore, you won't need to select every individual piece to recolor it if they share the same set of flexicolour channels, making customised building even quicker! To access this mode you can use the shortcut Alt + LMB to select an origin object or access it by opening the Multiselect mode menu via UI and select Flexicolour Multiselect mode.

Tigers are also getting a wardrobe upgrade for the festive season! We've added some new colour morphs for the Bengal and Siberian Tigers, which will include the pseudomelanistic and erythristic colourmorphs.

Free Update 1.16 will also come with various fixes alongside all of this content, which will be included in the Update Notes upon release on 13 December.

The Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack will be available to purchase for £7.99 ($9.99, 9.99€) on Steam from 13 December. If you want to be notified when the game is available, then head on over to Steam and wishlist it now! Please remember that you'll only be able to enjoy the Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack if you already own the base game of Planet Zoo.

Follow along on our social media channels in the run-up to the pack launch to see everything we managed to capture for our wildlife documentary series! You can find us on X, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok! If you missed our special livestream yesterday you can also check it out here.

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