Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack and Free Update 1.16 Out Now!
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Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack and Free Update 1.16 Out Now!

Hayo Zookeepers!

It's time to discover the wonderful animals of the Eurasia continental area in the new Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack, out now! Grab the pack on Steam and don't forget to update your game to enjoy free Update 1.16.

Let's meet the 8 beautiful animals that make up this incredible pack: the powerful Wisent, the remarkable Sloth Bear, the fearless Wolverine, the resilient Wild Boar, the distinctive Saiga, the graceful Mute Swan, the striking Takin and our affable Exhibit animal, the Hermann's Tortoise. Celebrate the resilience of the Eurasian wilderness by introducing these incredible species to your zoos.

Planet Zoo - Eurasia Animal Pack - close up of wolverine in snow

You'll get to know these amazing species better through the brand-new campaign scenario included in the pack. This time you'll be working directly together with Bernie Goodwin to design and build a zoo entirely in secret. What's the occasion, you might ask? Nancy Jones is retiring, and Bernie wants to surprise her with the most wonderful zoo that money can buy, giving her a retirement present she will love and cherish forever. We can't wait to see what kind of zoos you create to give Nancy that perfect gift.

All this in the new Planet Zoo: Eurasia Animal Pack. For more information check out the announcement post and the full patch notes here!

Planet Zoo - Eurasia Animal Pack - new scenario

We're also rolling out a free update alongside the pack! The main feature of the free update is a brand new Modular Souvenir Shop where your guests can buy all the zoo memorabilia and knickknacks they want to make their zoo visit extra memorable. This shop can be dressed up and modified by you, letting you build a custom souvenir shop. You can even choose what you want to stock your shelves with! Your guests will be able enter and navigate around the shop while also interacting with displays and the checkout counter.

In addition to this, you can also expect quality of life additions and bug fixes. We're rolling out new pseudomelanistic and erythristic colour morphs for the Bengal and Siberian tigers, as well as a matching colour multi-select option, to name two.

Last but not least, something we know that has been a highly requested amongst the community: the Malayan Tapir Adult is getting an update and will be available for players who own the Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack.

Planet Zoo - Malayan Tapir update

Check out the full Update Notes for more information and all you need to know about various bug fixes, improvements, and changes in Update 1.16.

Don't forget to join us later today for an exciting launch livestream on Twitch or YouTube, at 16:00 GMT, where we'll be going over all of the stunning new animals and explore further into the inspiration behind the Planet Zoo: Eurasian Animal Pack with some insights about their real-life counterparts, thanks to The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

You can also keep up to date with everything Planet Zoo over on our social channels. Find us on X, Instagram, Facebook and now officially on TikTok!

See you there PlanZo fam.

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