Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack Releasing 20 June
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Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack Releasing 20 June

Hayo Zookeepers!

Things are heating up in Planet Zoo with the new Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack, coming to a Steam Store near you on 20 June alongside Free Update 1.14!

Under the harsh heat of the desert, life still arises and persists. Look out over the dunes and through the sands to discover some miraculous creatures who have adapted to the difficult conditions of these scorching lands.

Be on the lookout for a Dromedary Camel wandering across the desert, while the elegant Addax and Dama Gazelle hunt for edible shrubs, grasses and leaves to snack on. Peer a little closer to the ground and you might catch a glimpse of the prickly African Crested Porcupine, or the shy and elusive Sand Cat. The Black Rhino can also be found munching on leafy plants, branches and fruit, while the well-adapted Somali Wild Ass rests in the shade to get some refuge from the scorching sun. Rounding out the cast is the sleek and impressive Desert Horned Viper, our Exhibit animal for this pack.

The Arid Animal Pack is a celebration of the fauna living in the arid lands, with 8 impressive animals that all have ways to overcome the hardships of the heat.

'Planet Zoo' Dromedary camels drinking in the desert

The story of socialite turned conservationist Tiffany Summers continues in a brand new narrative scenario included in the DLC. You'll be joining Tiffany in her next adventure: building a zoo in the Middle East and throwing a big party for when it officially opens, celebrating all the wonderful animals you've taken care of throughout her journey. You can expect several animals from the Arid Animal Pack to show up in this new narrative scenario.

'Planet Zoo' arid desert scene

The Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack will be available for purchase for £7.99 ($9.99, 9.99€) on Steam from 20 June. If you want to be notified when the game is available, then head on over to Steam and wishlist it now! Please remember that you'll only be able to enjoy the Planet Zoo: Arid Animal Pack if you already own the base game of Planet Zoo.

Head over to our social media in the run-up to the release for the return of Zookeeper Steve! This time he's off on another research trip and has set up camp in an arid landscape to observe the animals living there. He'll need your help to document them all, so keep an eye out for the animal reveals as they come by his hidey-hole. You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Also, if you missed our special livestream yesterday you can check it out here.

Don't forget to also join our launch celebration livestream on 20 June, where we'll be checking out the Arid Animal Pack in even greater detail, and check in with all the different animals. We're kicking things off at 4pm BST on 20 June on both Twitch and Youtube, and we'll be joined by some friends from the Planet Zoo dev team. See you there!

We look forward to exploring with you and Zookeeper Steve! Tell us what you're more excited for in the forums.

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